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Cold: how to protect my skin ?

In winter, when it’s cold, the pores of the skin close up, leading to the skin drying out on the surface. When the air is dry in winter, the skin tends to dry out even more.

In addition, blood circulation is affected and has a tendency to desert the extremities (feet, hands and face). Blood is pumped to the internal organs in order to preserve the body’s heat. Finally, clothes that are too tight irritate the skin. The skin rubs against le fabric, particularly around the joints (elbows, knees), thickening and therefore drying out the skin.

Solutions to protect my skin:

Face: prevent cracked, chapped skin by regularly moisturising your face. Use day cream. Several types of moisturisers exist: hydrating moisturiser, deeply nourishing moisturiser, intense hydration, etc. Lips: protect your lips with a lip balm. Apply nourishing lip balm to prevent your lips from chapping.